A game freeze that requires a shutdown of the device is often caused by:

  • Device overheating (some devices can not actually handle prolonged use, again it’s a manufacturer problem)
  • Defect device drivers (android tablet often have issues with the GPU drivers, unfortunately this is a manufacturer problem).

I general a game can never crash the operating system to a degree where it can’t be recovered 🙁

That requires either a hardware, device driver or operating system issue which the game of course can trigger when it’s doing perfectly valid things. So first and foremost this is a manufacturer problem.

This is probably not what you wanted to hear 🙁

Now luckily we utilize the Unity3D engine which is a widely used engine and they sometimes find “workarounds” for problem devices/drivers.  So there is a chance that a new version might fix your particular issue.

We are also working on a battery save mode which will help save battery and it will most likely help on devices that have overheating issues.